There was a server cleaning tables and went to the back and never came back even though he had seen us. We waited for the server more than 15 minutes and it was just my husband, daughter and I. We called out hello and the cook came out and we told him we were waiting he still did not get the server so we got up and left and he started laughing and told us to go. We used to love that place. Not anymore
Horrible service!! Ordered beef pad Thai which had like 3 pieces of beef, hardly any vegetables and tasted of ketchup. Also cashew shrimp (which says it will be served with tiger shrimps-LIES!! It’s served with regular shrimp) and a bowl of steamed rice, which our waitress very conveniently said she forgot to order it for us! Throughout the meal the waitress didn’t come once to ask us if the food was fine or if we needed something. When complained about rice not being served and the shrimps not being the tiger shrimps the waitress said we can give you tea and fortune cookie on the house. Such disappointment. I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone.
The takeout food was horrible. Not freshly prepared. The food was a real disappointment.
We ordered a takeout meal which was a big disappointment. huge
The restaurant is AMAZING! The owner Helen is very customer oriented . This is the best service at have encountered since being here in Canada on business and have been here for a month. The restaurant menu offers a very of food. The prices are very reasonable and you get large portion for the price. I will highly recommend Canadian Thaibti anyone that enjoys Thai food!
Such a nice place,nice sevice and nice price.Creamy curry chicken ,sooooo good,the best one in the city.I go there 2-3 times per month from 2011 and the food is aiways good. The pad thai is excellent as well.I finish it every time even though it is large. Another one i recommend is general taos chicken,crispy,sweet and a little bit spicy,yummy. It is definately an amazing resteraut.
Perfect food and it's delicious. The place is keept clean and it's a nice building and they treat their customer really good. Take out is great because it's done fast and they dont waist your time.
This is my weekly Friday lunch! Delicious! Clean! and great lunch pricing! The waitress, with the pixie hair is always friendly and greats us with a smile! :)
I just love this spot. Not just the food which is the closest to thai food since i was in thailand but the cozy atmosphere and the snippy server. A buddy of mine and myself have been coming for years when we work here and its a gem. The spice doesnt feel powerful but the bite lingers like a girlfriend whos left things in your house. Try the green curry chicky. Or as I call it the devils chicken. Nomnom
Consistently great Thai food. Traditional Pad Thai to kill for. Very friendly staff.
Excellent Thai food. One of the best places I've eaten at. We had the Yellow Curry Beef- the beef was cooked perfectly. So tender and tasty, not over cooked like at a lot of places The Red Curry Tiger Shrimp was excellent- lots of shrimp and they were large Traditional Pad Thai- quite delicious Spicy Peanut Chicken- Actually spicy, and LOTS of flavor Spicy Garlic Eggplant- cant go wrong! They even threw in a free vegetable stir fry because we ordered over a certain amount The lady was friendly and helpful. Overall, we were very delighted with our food and will definitely return!